Welcome to our 2010 SCASL presentation!

Cathy and Frank Moore are offering another "Awareness Session" regarding TPS (Teaching with Primary Sources) mostly in regards to the resources at the Library of Congress (LOC).

At the end of the session we'd like you to proritize the top four things that have value to you by completing our evaluation form.

1. Introduction
Cathy: "The Librarian"
Frank: "The Teacher"

Thank you for choosing to attend this session.

What's New at the LOC?

2. Professional Development Opportunities (For those who can't get to the LOC.)
a. 13 online activities

3. Online Modules including:
a. Introduction to the Library of Congress
b. Analyzing Primary Sources: Photographs and Prints
c. Analyzing Primary Sources: Maps

4. Do you have the knowledge and time to become a member of the LOC's national teacher network? If so, all expenses will be paid if you are 1 of 20 accepted through an online application process to attend the July 19-22, 2010 session. For more info go to: http://www.loc.gov/teachers/newsevents/events/tps_mentor/

5. Letters, Diaries, and Journals @ the LOC (Cathy's PPT)

6. Great Online Places to Start at the LOC
a. The Use of Primary Sources Explained
b. American Memory by Collections by Time Period
c. American Memory Timeline
d. Jump Back in Time (for middle & elementary levels)
e. Browse by Topic
f. TPS Quarterly

7. Ways to Use LOC Resources in the Classroom
a. Poetry and Music Links
b. Book Backdrops
c. Primary Source Sets
d. Themed Resources
e. Lesson Plans
f. Collection Connections
g. Presentations
h. Interactive Activities

8. Classroom Applications Using Primary Sources
a. Poetry
b. Book Backdrops
c. Lesson Plans
d. Primary Source Sets

A Few Primary Sources Outside the LOC

9. NARA Primary Source Analysis Sheets
a. Artifact Analysis Worksheet
b. Cartoon Analysis Worksheet
c. Map Analysis Worksheet
d. Motion Picture Analysis Worksheet
e. Painting Analysis Worksheet
f. Photo Analysis Worksheet
g. Poster Analysis Worksheet
h. Sound Recording Analysis Worksheet
i. Written Document Analysis Worksheet

National Archives Digital Vault!!!

10.Follett Destiny users with Webpath Express do a search for:
"civil war diary primary source"
"declaration of independence primary source"

Using DISCUS's SIRS Knowledge Source for locating Primary Sources
Using DISCUS's History Resource Center
(Click on "Advanced Search" and select "Document Type: "Primary Document")
12. EBSCOhost ["All Databases"]
("MAS Ultra - School Edition", "History Reference Center", "Middle Search Plus")
{Note the very important "Subject Terms" hyperlinks}
13. OnePlaceSC
14. Respositories of Primary Sources
Smithsonian for Educators
16. Historical Thinking Matters
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE)
18. Calisphere: A World of Digital Resources
19 . EuroDocs
20. South Carolina Primary Sources

Audio and Visual Primary Sources

21. Audio interview
22. videos of days gone by vs. teachertube and youtube of today.
23. Fountain Hughes Oral History
24. Martha Canty Oral History

Is it real or has it been altered?

25. 1860 (Lincoln or Calhoun?)
26. 1908 (camera? or camera? or watermelon?) [LOC]
27. 1937 (Where’s Joseph Goebbels?)
28. 2008 (Photoshop anyone?)
29. http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/farid/research/digitaltampering/
30. Read more at Is Seeing Believing? Resources for teaching about the manipulation of photographic images by Frank Baker